Your CPS bill is going up (again)

because someone has to cover the 20% of CPS customers who opt out of paying theirs … (Click headline for more).

Yeah, we’re a little late to this story, but we’ve been busy with other stuff so cut us a break.

Even though bills are up 30% from last year, our City-owned utility wants a 5.5% rate increase in the coming year and another 5.5% increase two years after that.

Why such drastic measures (we mean, besides CEO Rudy Garza’s mismanagement and Board Chair Janie Gonzalez’s woeful incompetence)?

According to the San Antonio Report, “CPS Energy has been in a cash crunch since 2020 primarily due to customers who have fallen behind on paying their bills” and “the utility needs a more secure means of ensuring future financial stability,” according to CFO Cory Kuchinsky.

Which translates as, “we’re fucking the 80% of customers who actually pay their bills to cover the nearly $250 million in unpaid tabs run up by their deadbeat neighbors.”

Oh, and the unexpected $82 million windfall CPS reaped last quarter off the backs of those 80%? You’re not getting that back either.

Nirenberg and Council just voted to blow their $20 million share of the loot on taxpayer-funded abortion clinic road trips and other special interest boondoggles, while CPS is pissing away its share on expensive consultants who don’t get to present their reports because Janie lost her copy of Robert’s Rules and keeps fucking up board meetings.

Lindsey Carnet writes it up here.





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