Nirenberg still can’t read the room

Proving yet again he can fumble the simplest of instructions, Nirenberg stands up for the rights of citizens experimenting with an unsheltered lifestyle and tells law-abiding, sane, sober taxpayers to shut up and get in line … (click headline for more)

In a citywide survey, San Antonians made clear their number one priority was homelessness. Not realizing people – in a loud, clear, unanimous and unmistakable voice – were saying “get the bums off the streets and out of our neighborhoods!” Mayor Shit-for-Brains took this to mean we’re all happy with his (lack of substantive) performance on the issue and we should dump even more money into what he’s already (not) doing. So he proudly took his Council colleagues and city officials on a tour of his coddling regime that has empowered every bum in town to live, sleep, eat, drink, shit, fuck, do drugs and scatter trash in any space they wish, public or private, with no consequence whatsoever.

So we will continue to spend even more untold millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars on failed strategies that have never, ever worked before anywhere on the planet, while the local point in time count continues to skyrocket and homeless lunatics and drug addicts are granted protected class status, free to prey on regular people who see their “houseless neighbors” for what they are – fucking bums that need to be swept off the streets.

But yeah, Ron. Keep up the great work!





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