The idiot who sold us Ready to Work SA admits it was all a scam

but says the answer is to spend even more money and give it even more time to not suck (Click headline for more …)

[Not] Ready to Work SA campaign manager Jorge Urby, who holds the world record for the number of “you knows” in a single sentence, hits the local rag today with an op-ed admitting that Nirenberg’s biggest grift yet is exactly the piece of shit it looks and smells like.

But typical of someone whose IQ will never see 3-digits and who loves being generous with other people’s money (namely the $250 million he helped Nirenberg steal from VIA), the man whose claim to fame is producing the ‘I’m dropping out of the race’ video for a candidate no one even knew was running says we need to spend more because otherwise he and Nirenberg will look even stupider than they already do/are.

I don’t envy the poor Express-News editor who had to clean up the original incoherent drivel Urby submitted. The highly-polished but still ridiculous piece can be found here.





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