Nirenberg’s newest DC (dengue) dream

Never one to take “fuck off” for an answer, Mayor Nirenberg, still strung along by his sleazo Svengali, keeps begging for Biden administration appointments he has no chance of getting … (Click headline for more)

Today’s pie in the sky for the man whose name conjures up the very opposites of tact, diplomacy, and the ability to get along with people is U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines. (We know, right?)

Now there are two ways one gets an ambassadorship.

One is to buy it. New administrations typically auction off the good postings to big donors. Not exactly up Nirenberg’s alley, given that his mayoral salary is the most he’s ever made in his life and his wife (rumor has it) will be unemployed in a matter of days.

That being said, Manila ain’t exactly the Court of Saint James or the City of Lights or anywhere else anyone would actually pay money to be posted on purpose. So he’s got that going for him.

But unfortunately for Nirenberg, even Third World postings require a) proven diplomatic skills and b) some level of experience.

For reference, the current ambassador is a career Foreign Service officer who went to Georgetown, has been posted to 10 countries over the last 40 years, and speaks 3 languages. Her predecessor also went to Georgetown, is also a career Senior Foreign Service officer, and speaks 5 languages.

But Nirenberg can spin the fuck of out a Bill Evans Trio EP and he was in the background of that Zoom call where Biden bitched about how hot it was, so yeah, he’s totally qualified. His bags are probably packed already.





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