Nirenberg’s local election “reforms” said to be deader than his DC dreams

And that’s a good thing.

To his complete and total surprise, the mayor can’t find anyone anywhere to agree with him that we need more politicians making more money staying in office longer and running in highly partisan November elections … (Click headline for more)

A few weeks ago, Nirenberg was telling anyone would listen that the City Charter needed to be reformed to expand the number of seats on Council, make term limits longer (or do away with them altogether), increase Council pay, and move elections to November of even numbered years.

Thankfully for San Antonio, no one would listen. It is said the Mayor has backed off all of those proposals because, down to a person, everyone in the 210 thinks they’re really stupid ideas.

So does that mean this inanity is off the table? We are talking about Nirenberg, remember, so expect the resurrection of these terrible ideas (a la Broadway bike lanes) any day now.

In the meantime, Nirenberg is desperately trying to make a plan for life post mayoralty. And that’s working out for him about as well as his dead-before-arrival charter amendment fantasies.





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