Losers who spent taxpayer money losing Prop A pissed about losing taxpayer money

This is what justice looks like! (Click headline for more)

SA2020, who lists accountability as one if its core values, is now throwing a hissy fit because they’re being held accountable for spending taxpayer money on their failed effort to pass the disastrous Prop A campaign earlier this year.

Interestingly enough, another of their core values is to “follow and uphold the community’s vision,” ignoring the fact that 2/3 of the community made crystal clear their vision was to shove Prop A up the ass of anyone dumb enough to think it was a good idea.

Clearly, core values aren’t all that core when they mean Molly Cox’s girlfriend and her entourage of entitled elitists don’t get their way.

Some actual accountability from COSA is definitely a refreshing change. Molly Smith writes it up in the Express-News here.





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