It gets worse

Telling anyone who’ll listen she’s the answer to a prayer no one ever prayed, Trish DeBerry apparently thinks she can rehabilitate herself after a ridiculously pathetic mayoral bid 15 years ago and the fiasco that was her run for County Judge last year by running for Mayor yet again … (Click headline for more).

Will she and Brockhouse team up again for another brilliantly managed campaign that wows the donor community and defies all odds to restore local Republican glory? Or will this be the latest in a long string of embarrassing missteps for the self described wicked smart superhero who’s built for speed and performance?

She was publicly shamed into completely divesting from her former company after chasing government contracts she promised not to, and she gave up a safe County Commissioner seat she hadn’t even warmed yet because Strother wrote a memo promising her she’d win County Judge.

Which makes you wonder how she could ever afford to be Mayor. After the fire sale of her Alamo Heights cottage brought a few hundred grand less than she expected and she had to engineer a coup at Centro to give herself a $200k job, can she really live off the $60k mayoral salary? Or is she hoping to use a new elected office to chase more government contracts?

In the end, the one who swears she’s the ideal person “to create and execute strategies that enhance your credibility” has blown through all of her own.

But yeah, she should be Mayor.





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