Fredo makes a move

Is this the first of the right wing backlash against Paxton impeachers? (Click headline for more …)

Marc LaHood, fresh off an embarrassing loss to failed, pathetic excuse for a criminal prosecutor Joe Gonzalez, has announced he’s running for the Legislature, targeting incumbent Steve Allison in the upcoming Republican primary.

If Republican politics in recent years have proven anything it’s that you can be as incompetent (Donald Trump), white trash (Lauren Boebert), or corrupt (Ken Paxton) as you want as long as you’re crusading for Jesus in the legislative arena.

Which is a long way of saying even a doofus like LaHood who never even voted in a Republican primary before his own can claim the conservative mantle. Because Steve Allison actually voted to impeach sleazy, corrupt Ken Paxton, the Sticklands and Maciases of the world think they can take him out, obviously forgetting the 1/2 a dozen or so times they’ve tried to win that district and failed.

LaHood will lose. Even Republican primaries, at least in some jurisdictions, have idiot limits.

Andrea writes it up for SA Report here.





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