Even in the face of crushingly embarrassing defeat

Mayor Nirenberg’s dream of a car-free San Antonio refuses to die … (click headline for more)

After years of Mayor Nirenberg yipping at the Governor like a Red Bull-infused Chihuahua, Abbot slapped back and told the Mayor he could stick his Broadway bike lanes where the sun don’t shine.

“It’s my road and I’ll be damned if you’re going to make it the gateway to your pedal- and pedestrian-friendly progressive promised land,” the Governor made crystal clear to the the Mayor. “Those things don’t mean shit to a man with no working legs and, quite frankly, I’m tired of you complaining about me like you matter.”

But too stupid to know a blatantly obvious ass-kicking even when it stares him directly in the face, two days after the city threw in the towel on Broadway, Nirenberg is back in the local rag today swearing the only cars he’ll allow in his god-damn city are his chauffeured Escalade and his wife’s Tesla.

Maybe he can combine this lawsuit with the CPS gas prices case and the Death Star action and get a volume discount on sure-to-lose frivolous litigation funded with taxpayer dollars.

Express-News writes it up here.





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