COSA hiking trash rates to provide maid service to the homeless

The city is hiking the “environmental fee” portion of trash pickup bills by $22 million, which means everyone who uses a trash can in San Antonio will pay double for the flagrant privilege of having an actual place to throw their garbage … (Click headline for more).

We’d like to say this tax hike will pay for systems upgrades or better pickup service, but that would be a lie.

Nope, the Nirenberg administration is hiking the “environmental fee” because, according to San Antonio Report, the city needs $22 million to “clean up illegal dumping sites and homeless encampments.” That’s in addition to the $17.4 million line item for homelessness mitigation in the general budget, which if our math is correct means we’re spending more money to clean up after the homeless than to actually get them off the streets.

San Antonio’s mayor, in his infinite and compassionate wisdom, is sticking working citizens for $22 million to clean up after the bums he’s given free rein to trash our entire city – The City You Deserve, as he’d say.

Megan Rodriguez writes it up in the Express-News here. Iris Dimmick writes it up in San Antonio Report here.





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